This is a sermon about the wrapping up of the creed. When we have declared the truth of our faith, all that need be said is, “amen”!!
The question of the rich, young ruler, is our question as well. “What can we do to inherit eternal life?” What is that life’s nature? How are we sure we…
The celebration of the installation of our 4th installed pastor.
We have the assurance, from, the Scriptures, that we shall rise again. The rising of Christ becomes the guarantee of our own rising.
When we are repentant, we receive the irreversible forgiveness of sin, from God Himself.
This sermon will raise up, and celebrate, the concept that the Church is a communion (community) of saints. Those who don’t believe in the Church as a body, don’t understand…

Taming Anxiety

August 31, 2014

The word catholic, in the creed, does not refer to Romanism. Rather, it refers to the universal gathering of God’s people. Do we perceive of ourselves as part of God’s…
Crossroads Leadership Seminar III

Many people in our culture believe that God will not, in the end, judge anyone. They believe that, ultimately, humanity is good and all will go to heaven. The scriptures…
An overview of leadership principles and literature
Where is Jesus now? While we rejoice that He is in us, we also acknowledge that He is in the heavens. He is now doing a very specific work: interceding…

Some scholars say this line of the Apostles’ Creed is not biblical. We’ll explore the phrase. What does it mean and not mean? What did Christ do between his death…
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