In this sermon, I will preach about God, specifically, as Father. I will suggest that the Abrahamic covenant was not only from God, but also from God the Father. I…

When the Winds Blow

June 8, 2014
In both our OT and NT passages, the wind (breath) of God was an important element in the narrative. In the OT passage, the bones did not come together until…
Should we, today, call on the elders to pray for the sick? Does that need to be done? Is there efficacy in oil? May we expect healing if we anoint…
When we pray for others and ourselves, we ought to be very specific. Paul loved the Ephesians (Acts 20:17ff)and prayed that they would be strong, deeply spiritual, loving toward each…

Is Our Love Enough?

May 18, 2014

Without thinking, we can be become terribly self-centered in our praying. Paul admonishes us to pray widely and broadly. In this sermon, I will suggest that our prayers ought to…
The integrity and effectiveness of our prayers is greatly reduced if we are harboring a grudge as we pray. If our hearts are full of revenge or failure to forgive…
In our text in Colossians, Paul invites believers to so identity with Christ that it is as if the believer died. We so identify with Jesus that when He is…

Donkeys and Declarations

April 13, 2014
Essentially, this is a parade. There is a large crowd (verses 8-9 of NT lesson). There is the equivalent of flags and banners (the palm branches being waved). It’s quite…
Quote "Aurora Leigh"- Earth's crammed with heaven... Blood is gory. It is also full of glory, when we understand what Christ was doing by shedding His blood.

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