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Nehemiah was not a success according to the standard definition. However, he was an achiever. He got the wall finished.

In our holy conversations, let us speak of the God who empowers, motivates and encourages.




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  1. Help them slow down. Workaholism is a terrible disease. (Martha)

Kevin DeYoung in a tract called Crazy Busy:

Our understanding of busyness must start with the one sin that begets so many others: pride.

We’re busy because we try to do too many things; we do too many things because we say yes to too many people. We say yes because we want these people to like us and pat our back; we fear their disapproval.

Busyness also springs from such prideful factors as our tendency to overestimate our importance, our ambition to prove ourselves, or poor planning resulting from our refusal to seek help. How can we tell when pride has made us frantic and overwhelmed? Here’s a self-diagnostic question you may find helpful: Am I trying to do good—or to make myself look good?



  • (Mary). Let us model what it is to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him. Let us teach our friends and family the same. May the spirit of Mary be upon us all. We finds it easy to stay busy and surrounds ourselves with noise. Ah, but to learn to appreciate and cultivate the simple posture of the contemplative Mary is more difficult.


 What is highly esteemed among men(humanity) is an abomination in the sight of God. That is, what is so valued among humans is offensive to God!

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1. One’s financial situation does not determine one’s spiritual state

2. We all die

3. After death is no time for making spiritual decision in your own behalf or in behalf of others.








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