Audio & Video Team

What do we do?

v  Audiovisual Support: The Audio-VideoTeam provides audiovisual support during worship services and other church events. This includes operating sound systems, microphones, and speakers to ensure clear and balanced audio. They also handle video projection, lighting, and other technical aspects to enhance the visual experience.

v  Live Streaming and Recording: With the growing popularity of online platforms, Audio-Video Team handles live streaming and recording of church services. They set up and manage the necessary equipment to broadcast the worship service to a wider audience through the internet. Additionally, they record sermons, performances, and other church events for archival purposes or sharing on social media.

v  Media Production: The Audio-Video Team engages in producing media content for the church. This involves creating videos, podcasts, audio recordings, graphics, and other digital media resources. They produce promotional materials, sermon series, worship music recordings, or educational content to support the church’s ministries.

v  Website and Social Media Management: The Audio-VideoTeam takes care of maintaining and updating the church’s website and social media platforms. They ensure that the latest information about church events, ministries, and resources is available online. They also manage social media accounts to engage with the church community, share inspirational content, and promote upcoming activities.

v  Multimedia Presentations: During worship services or special events, the Audio-Video Team creates multimedia presentations to support the sermon or enhance the worship experience. This can include displaying song lyrics, scripture verses, sermon slides, videos, and visual elements that align with the theme of the service.

v  Training and Support: The Audio-Video Team provides training and support to church staff and volunteers on media-related tasks and equipment operation. They help individuals become proficient in handling audiovisual systems, software applications, and media production tools. Additionally, they troubleshoot technical issues and provide assistance during rehearsals and services.


v  Media Outreach: The Audio-Video Team focuses on using various media platforms to reach out to the broader community and share the church’s message. They create online campaigns, digital advertisements, or media resources that resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate the church’s values and mission.

We are always looking for volunteers so if you have the skills or the desire to learn how to operate AV equipment please hit the Contact Us button below…

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