Pastor’s Crossing

To the saints at Stone Mountain:
Last Sunday, we dined together after worship. Many who attended our outdoor
worship celebration then came indoors and ate. Why the after-worship lunch?
I’m glad you asked.
At the beginning of 2019, our stewardship committee presented an ambitious
capital campaign idea to the saints of Crossroads. We wanted to increase the
number of parking spaces for both non-designated vehicles and those needing
handicap access. We wanted to pave a gravel parking lot. We wanted to install a
sidewalk in an area in which people were walking up a driveway. We also wanted to
better illuminate our property with state-of-the-art flood lights.
The total cost of this project would be $235,000. Our members were asked to
pledge to give to the project and fulfill their pledge within three years. We would
close the campaign in December, 2021. My wife and I made a pledge and counted it
joy to be part of this campaign.
Results? Last week, at our celebratory lunch, our chairperson of the campaign
informed us that we are overachievers. The saints of Crossroads gave $265,000!
For a congregation of 160 people, this is outstanding. This was to be
in addition to tithes and and offerings, not instead of.
As is said by some preachers and bloggers, I am “hippopotamus happy, peacock
proud and elephant elated”.
We are grateful to God for giving us the ability and determination to make a
commitment and stick to it. Our property is more attractive and inviting to our
visitors/guests. More than that, our participating members have seen God provide
and give us an admirable tenacity.
What’s next? I don’t know. We have other areas of our building and grounds that
could use some attention, some sprucing up and some makeovers. I do know that
when the next challenge is presented….we will be ready!
Glad the tomb is empty,
Pastor Farmer
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