Pastor’s Crossing

To the saints at Stone Mountain:
Sometime last night (September 20, 2020), my “second mother”, fell and broke her
hip. She is 93 and is showing some signs of memory loss and confusion. Add a
fractured hip to that and we have a scenario that requires the making of difficult
decisions and the walking of paths unknown. Add COVID-19 to that and the matter
becomes yet more complex.
This is called life.
Surprises. Emergencies. Unexpected blessings. Frantic phone calls. Sudden losses.
Fountains of tears. Sleepless nights. Ear-to-ear smiles. Children’s laughter. A $20 bill
found in a bathrobe pocket. A new car. A new friend. An old friend. Six Flags.
Dunkin’ Donuts. Store Mountain Park. A walk through a farmer’s market. A birthday
party. Trial Netflix membership.
If we live long enough, these experiences (and more) will come…some, without
For Christ-ians, there is a stance to be assumed. We stand in confidence that our
God is aware of our 93-year-old mother’s need. God knows our tendency toward
anxiety, fear and overload.
God knows the resources we have available: financial, emotional and spiritual.
While the strength of our ninety-year-olds is waning, we in our thirties, forties,
fifties, sixties and seventies are thinking there are decades of daylight left.
Let us do life while it is day. Night is coming.
Glad the tomb is empty,
Pastor Farmer
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